The Daily Battle: Sleep vs. Exercise

Or maybe both...at the same time? (I mean, sometimes you get into this really relaxing yoga position...)

Or maybe both…at the same time? (I mean, sometimes you get into this really relaxing yoga position…)

Last summer, when I was home from the Carnegie-Mellon Pre-College program, I woke up every morning at about 7:00 am to go jogging around my neighborhood. After, I would go for a cool-down walk and then head back home for some stretches and toning exercises. I woke up early in the morning because it isn’t as hot as later in the day, but I mainly did so because I didn’t want to get tan. In fact, even though the 7 am sun isn’t too harsh, I still slathered on sunscreen before my run. Then again, I am the girl who wore a wide sunhat under an umbrella in the middle of a bright summer day. Oh, and of course, I wore sunscreen too. Continue reading


A Walk a Day Keeps the Pounds Away

Every evening after dinner, I walk with my family for thirty minutes around the neighborhood. It’s great for my parents because it helps their joints, and they always sleep and feel better afterwards. It’s also great as an escape from computer and TV screens or work stress, and it’s nice to talk to the family, especially since our house will be an empty nest in a couple months. We also get to know our community better because it’s always the same people who are outside at the same time. Obviously, walking is a win-win-win-win-win. Continue reading