Be the Step Machine


One of the best perks in college is the stairs. More specifically, dorm room stairs. Most college dorms are at least four levels, and many are a lot taller than that. So, if you happen to live on the tenth floor, don’t groan. Think of it as a way to get more fit than those living on the second floor.

The challenge: use the stairs (not the elevator) to get to your room as often as possible. Sometimes you’re in a rush or you have a huge bag of new textbooks, in which case, go ahead the use the stairs unless you want to be hardcore and brag about it over breakfast to your new college friends the next day. However, you should have no excuse when going down those stairs. Going downstairs is so simple thanks to gravity. Make it your Freshman Minus Fifteen goal to not use the elevator when going downstairs. For fun, make it a race: see who gets to the main level faster, you on the stairs or your not-as-hardcore friends on the elevator (you can go while your friends are waiting for the elevator).

Go up and down stairs as often as possible. Use the stairs to get to your room, to your classes, to the next party. Walk off that dessert by going up and down the stairs. Live on the second floor? No worries, try to get to the top building as fast as you can before going back down to your room. It’s fun, it’s effective, it’s the natural step machine.