The End of the 30-Day Challenges

The End

I finished the 30-Day Thigh Challenge, 30-Day Oblique Challenge, and 30-Day Arm Challenge today. Admittedly, I cheated at lot on these three. First of all, the 30-Day Arm Challenge was basically done a long time ago, but it was actually fast and enjoyable so I did a few extra days (just repeated the last couple of days over and over). On the other hand, I hated the 30-Day Thigh and Oblique Challenges. They took a very long time to complete. So long that I lost interest in doing them and finding the time to do them. In the end, I stopped them for about a week (rest days included, although basically it became rest day every day) and today, I did the last two days back to back in the early morning.

My experience: The 30-Day Thigh and Oblique Challenges are actually amazing. They really do their job, giving you a lean and toned stomach and stronger yet thinner thighs. However, stop them for a week (as I did), and it’ll all slip away slightly. Not all the way, but you lose a lot of definition. Your best bet is to follow through. I recommend doing one 30-Day Challenge at a time.

Will I do these 30-Day Challenges again? Definitely. Once I figure out my schedule and a place, I’ll try them again. One at a time.

Anyone else try the 30-Day Challenges or want to start?