Jackpot! The 30-Day Arms Challenge!


Just yesterday, I was cooing about all the wonderful benefits of the 30-Day Abs Challenge, all the while hoping for an arms challenge to get those bingo wings out of my life. Well, I am proud to say, Google did not disappoint (and I guess neither did the rest of the like-minded people out there). I now present to you, the 30-Day Arms Challenge (see above)! Continue reading


Presenting: The Best Arm Workout

If you do this arm workout enough, maybe you'll get guns like Arnold Schwarzenegger's!

If you do this arm workout enough, maybe you’ll get guns like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s!

Well, before I get to the point of this post, let’s talk about Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, shall we? He’s one of those people who has done just about everything, from bodybuilding to governing to acting. I suppose if you got the looks, you can pretty much do whatever you want. But actually, I bet it was his name; someone with the awesome last name of “Schwarzenegger” is definitely impressive. He does have a son about my age so there is hope after all… Continue reading