A Quick Update on the 30-Day Challenges!


On the 30-Day Abs Challenge, I am almost done. I started on July 1, so today I do Day 26. Let me tell you, it is amazing. I’ve never had such a great workout plan before. This workout completely toned my abs, but I can’t say it did very much about losing the fab on top. For that, I had to add cardio, and that’s when the magic started. Even when I felt a little bloated, my stomach didn’t look like it. Of course, I’m a long way off from having a six-pack, not like that was my goal really, since lots of women don’t exactly get a six-pack but a washboard-like stomach. Continue reading


Happiness Is A Good Workout

This is what's going through their minds: "Whoa! I have abs?" Well actually, we all have abs.

This is what’s going through their minds: “Whoa! I have abs?” Well actually, we all have abs.

So far, the 30-Day Abs Challenge is a great success. It’s Day 11 for me, and goodness is it a workout! Doing sit-ups is rough enough, but then crunches right after sit-ups? Gosh, that burns so badly. I have to do the crunches in sets of five, resting about a second or two before continuing. But you know what? I love this challenge. Sure, it’s daunting that it’s so hard already…when I’ll have to do twice the amount I do now in a couple weeks. Continue reading


The Famous 30-Day Ab Challenge

I discovered the 30-Day Ab Challenge on Facebook. There was an event that two of my friends (who weren’t even friends) said they would attend, so it popped up on my timeline. And when I see “workout”, “challenge”, or “FREE” (most important one right there), I click on it faster than Garfield can swallow a whole lasagna.

I saved the picture (above), and messaged one of my friends from Columbia to ask if she wanted to join me. I frankly don’t remember what she responded (this was quite a few months ago), but I secretly told myself to do it so I will have washboard abs by the time Columbia’s famous swimming test comes around. So I started it…up to the first week. It’s not that it got too difficult already (although Day 30 looks pretty daunting), it was that I forgot. Continue reading


Presenting: The Best Arm Workout

If you do this arm workout enough, maybe you'll get guns like Arnold Schwarzenegger's!

If you do this arm workout enough, maybe you’ll get guns like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s!

Well, before I get to the point of this post, let’s talk about Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, shall we? He’s one of those people who has done just about everything, from bodybuilding to governing to acting. I suppose if you got the looks, you can pretty much do whatever you want. But actually, I bet it was his name; someone with the awesome last name of “Schwarzenegger” is definitely impressive. He does have a son about my age so there is hope after all… Continue reading