A Quick Update on the 30-Day Challenges!


On the 30-Day Abs Challenge, I am almost done. I started on July 1, so today I do Day 26. Let me tell you, it is amazing. I’ve never had such a great workout plan before. This workout completely toned my abs, but I can’t say it did very much about losing the fab on top. For that, I had to add cardio, and that’s when the magic started. Even when I felt a little bloated, my stomach didn’t look like it. Of course, I’m a long way off from having a six-pack, not like that was my goal really, since lots of women don’t exactly get a six-pack but a washboard-like stomach. Continue reading


Do Your Cardio

The most important part of this picture is the helmet. I don't care how old you are; don't forget it!

The most important part of this picture is the helmet. I don’t care how old you are; don’t forget it!

Cardio is the ultimate fat burner. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. I’ve been keeping up with both the 30-Day Abs Challenge and the 30-Day Arms Challenge (and both happen to be Rest Day today, hallelujah!). However, I felt a little bigger than before in both my torso and my arms and I was very disappointed and discouraged. I kind of suspected that cardio would solve this issue, but I dislike working out indoors and it’s too hot outside. The only solution is to wake up early to exercise, but who likes to wake up early? Um, okay, I do, but only if I go to bed early, and who likes to go to bed early? NOT ME. Everyone knows that everything happens past 11 PM. Maybe everyone should go to bed early so we can all get more sleep. Oh light-bulb, why were you invented? No one needs 25-hour days. Continue reading


Jackpot! The 30-Day Arms Challenge!


Just yesterday, I was cooing about all the wonderful benefits of the 30-Day Abs Challenge, all the while hoping for an arms challenge to get those bingo wings out of my life. Well, I am proud to say, Google did not disappoint (and I guess neither did the rest of the like-minded people out there). I now present to you, the 30-Day Arms Challenge (see above)! Continue reading