Do Your Cardio

The most important part of this picture is the helmet. I don't care how old you are; don't forget it!

The most important part of this picture is the helmet. I don’t care how old you are; don’t forget it!

Cardio is the ultimate fat burner. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. I’ve been keeping up with both the 30-Day Abs Challenge and the 30-Day Arms Challenge (and both happen to be Rest Day today, hallelujah!). However, I felt a little bigger than before in both my torso and my arms and I was very disappointed and discouraged. I kind of suspected that cardio would solve this issue, but I dislike working out indoors and it’s too hot outside. The only solution is to wake up early to exercise, but who likes to wake up early? Um, okay, I do, but only if I go to bed early, and who likes to go to bed early? NOT ME. Everyone knows that everything happens past 11 PM. Maybe everyone should go to bed early so we can all get more sleep. Oh light-bulb, why were you invented? No one needs 25-hour days.

Anyway, the weather suddenly became all rainy these last few days, making the temperature absolutely perfect. My favorite temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. I believe everyone should have a favorite temperature. It should be on the “how well do you know your boyfriend/girlfriend” quiz. Well, this week, the temperature was around my favorite roughly all day. It was wonderful. I could go biking at 10 AM, 2 PM, 7 PM, basically any time I wanted and not end up drinking my own sweat (although my face still gets red). So I have been biking at least two miles (it depends on how late it is, how soon it looks like it will rain, and how tired I am) every day for the last week. And let me tell you this: all that horrid bloating and fat melted away. I know, cardio is so magical. Cardio and teenage metabolism. I didn’t even change my diet, and by diet I mean eating whatever I want. Then again, I have been subsiding on cherries because they’re delicious and in season. I actually eat two meals a day, with cherries serving as my lunch. Basically, I don’t eat very much but that’s just me.

The lesson is this: DO YOUR CARDIO. It is so important, but you can’t only rely on cardio. Do some strength training too, or follow me and enjoy some 30-Day Challenges! They’re really working; my abs have never looked this good! I love biking because it cuts away the fat around your stomach and gives you toned thighs. I’m still wary about running because of the “shorten your muscles” myth and because I can’t run as long as I can bike. Figure out what cardio routine is best for you, and I promise you’ll see great results!


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