Jackpot! The 30-Day Arms Challenge!


Just yesterday, I was cooing about all the wonderful benefits of the 30-Day Abs Challenge, all the while hoping for an arms challenge to get those bingo wings out of my life. Well, I am proud to say, Google did not disappoint (and I guess neither did the rest of the like-minded people out there). I now present to you, the 30-Day Arms Challenge (see above)!

And here’s another version of the 30-Day Arms Challenge. This, my friends, this right here, is an ARMS CHALLENGE.


120 triceps dips on the last day. 120. I hate triceps dips. They are probably my least favorite workout move ever. They don’t burn you, they scorch you and don’t care about your tears or cries for mercy. If you want to be hardcore, go ahead and do the second version. I, on the other hand, am happy enough with the first one.

I plan on starting tomorrow. I can’t start a challenge on the first day of August because at the end of August, I’ll be moving to NYC!! That’s a rather long journey from where I am now, so I won’t be able to keep up with the days if I’m on the move! Better start tomorrow so I’ll have nice arms by the time college starts. First impressions are the lasting ones!

Anyone else ready to start the 30-Day Arms Challenge? Anyone doing it in conjunction with the 30-Day Abs Challenge, or the 30-Day Squats Challenge? Who’s going to be hardcore and try the second version of the arms challenge?


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