Happiness Is A Good Workout

This is what's going through their minds: "Whoa! I have abs?" Well actually, we all have abs.

This is what’s going through their minds: “Whoa! I have abs?” Well actually, we all have abs.

So far, the 30-Day Abs Challenge is a great success. It’s Day 11 for me, and goodness is it a workout! Doing sit-ups is rough enough, but then crunches right after sit-ups? Gosh, that burns so badly. I have to do the crunches in sets of five, resting about a second or two before continuing. But you know what? I love this challenge. Sure, it’s daunting that it’s so hard already…when I’ll have to do twice the amount I do now in a couple weeks. So far though, I honestly think it’s giving me those abs. Or at least, defined abs. What would be more ideal is if I went biking more often to shed any fat covering the abs so I’ll be even more defined. However, that requires waking up early (because working out outside in the evening is like working out in a sauna), and I kind of a little bit prioritize sleep over exercise right now, but that’s a personal opinion. I’m assuming it’s my age and my “teenage metabolism” doing all the work.

Anyway, my wonderful experience with this 30-Day Abs Challenge makes me wonder if there’s a 30-Day Arms Challenge. I know there’s a 30-Day Squats Challenge, but I’m not going to attempt that one because I’ve heard (and somewhat witnessed on myself) that squats make your thigh muscles bigger, making your thighs bigger and that’s very much the opposite of what I want. But, if you’re interested, here’s the challenge:


Anyone else trying the 30-Day Abs Challenge? It’s never too late to start now! Has anyone heard of a 30-Day Arms Challenge or up for the 30-Day Squats Challenge?


2 thoughts on “Happiness Is A Good Workout

  1. HELLO my love! Personally, I love squats because just doing maybe 3-4 minutes of intense squatting and lunges is VERY effective for me. I don’t believe squats make your legs “bigger,” per se, they essentially burn the fat stored in your thighs (the place for us women that fat is happiest…) while challenging the muscles. I admire your perseverance and creativity with working out! XO

    • HELLO darling! I suppose every person is different because squats aren’t very effective for me, but I think I’ll give your advice a try! I can’t shun squats from my life forever!

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