Count Calories? Count Your Seconds Too


As our wonderful chef proves above, you can multitask exercising. Believe it or not, everything you do burns calories, and if you move a little more throughout the day, you’ll burn more calories that day! In fact, doing little exercises, even if you don’t think they’re very difficult, will help you get closer to a fit and healthy body. They’re even quite entertaining when you’re bored during class or an office meeting. Or brushing your teeth.

One move I always do when I brush my teeth is leg raises. Think about it, when you brush your teeth, you’re just standing over the sink brushing and brushing and brushing for the suggested two minutes. Why not use your valuable time wisely and do some leg raises to burn a few more calories? It’s also a great way to time how long you really are brushing your teeth, because honestly, do you really brush your teeth for two minutes? I guessed that each leg raise takes about one second, so I did 60 leg raises with my right leg as I brushed my bottom teeth and did 60 more with my left leg as I brushed the top. Now I do 100 per leg because I figured that my leg raises take less than one second so I wasn’t brushing my teeth long enough, but do what is right for you. I didn’t think these little leg raises were a big deal until I stopped doing them when I went to the Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Programs last year. I took it up again after a while, and I immediately felt (and I think I saw) the difference! I also used to do wall sits as I flossed, but then I read that squats make your thighs more muscular (meaning bigger) so I stopped, but that’s another idea if you’re interested.

Another great way to multitask is one of my favorites: flexing abs. You can literally do them 24/7 (if you’re awake that long. I doubt you’ll be doing it in your sleep unless you get into the pro level of flexing abs). It’s fun as a “wake up” during class or meetings, and a great way to tone up in traffic. No one even knows you’re working out because your shirt is covering your abs, unless you’re at the beach and want to look toned as you walk around, in which case, flex away! I’ve heard that if you do it long enough, it becomes a habit so you don’t even have to think to flex, but I keep forgetting so I can’t validate that. However, I have flexed my abs a lot at one point in my life, and I do remember looking more toned. It’s definitely something everyone should try!

Any other ideas on how to multitask exercising? Think you’re going to try these tips?


4 thoughts on “Count Calories? Count Your Seconds Too

  1. My college basketball coach taught me this my freshman year and it has stuck with me since. I used to unload the truck at a fast food restaurant. As I waited for them to unload it on the rack (so I could push it into the store and unload) I would do pull ups in the doorway out back. 5 each time and I would lose track on the total 🙂
    Great read, thanks for posting!

    • What a great way to use your time! I’m sure your arms got really toned that way, both from the pull ups and from unloading the truck! Thanks for reading!

  2. Reblogged this on Anew Creation Ventures and commented:
    The key to leading a more active lifestyle is to fit exercise into all aspects of life. Small changes and small movements can make big differences. Like consciously holding in your stomach throughout the day will tighten and strengthen stomach muscles and flatten your ‘at rest’ stomach. So, instead of trying to read email or texts while driving, sit up straight and suck in that stomach!

    • That’s absolutely right! If you’re not ready to launch up a whole new workout routine, especially if you haven’t done one in a while, sometimes the best way to start is so do those small movements throughout the day.

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