The Daily Battle: Sleep vs. Exercise

Or maybe the same time? (I mean, sometimes you get into this really relaxing yoga position...)

Or maybe both…at the same time? (I mean, sometimes you get into this really relaxing yoga position…)

Last summer, when I was home from the Carnegie-Mellon Pre-College program, I woke up every morning at about 7:00 am to go jogging around my neighborhood. After, I would go for a cool-down walk and then head back home for some stretches and toning exercises. I woke up early in the morning because it isn’t as hot as later in the day, but I mainly did so because I didn’t want to get tan. In fact, even though the 7 am sun isn’t too harsh, I still slathered on sunscreen before my run. Then again, I am the girl who wore a wide sunhat under an umbrella in the middle of a bright summer day. Oh, and of course, I wore sunscreen too.

This summer, I planned to do the same. Wake up early, go exercise. Except I didn’t want to go jog anymore. One of my best friends, an avid dancer, told me she never runs anymore because it shortens her muscles. So I started avoiding jogging because I want lean, slender dancer arms and have kept to biking ever since. And then just recently, I read an article about how cycling shortens your hamstrings, but I lost track of the article (and another one that said if cycling shortened your hamstrings, then you won’t be able to balance). I really don’t know what to believe anymore.

Anyway, the true point is, maybe it’s the change of exercise type, but for some reason, I totally lost the willpower to wake up in the mornings for exercise. This summer is strangely hotter than usual (probably because of the polar vortex in the winter), so I’ve set my alarm to 6:15 am now. In reality, I have only woken up to exercise once or twice this summer. But the thing is, I haven’t really gotten too flabby. I sense that I lost some muscle definition (traded it for fat), but I’ve been fitting in my clothes better than I did in during the school year. I’ve been getting more sleep now, and that is probably what is keeping me slim. It’s amazing how sleep seems to have the least impact while it truly runs everything in your life. Sleep and stay slim. Sleep and stay blemish free. Sleep and stay alert during the day. Sleep and stay out of the loop on Facebook. But anyway. Sleeping is just as important to weight loss as watching what you eat and exercising.

Of course, now, I’m really going to try to get back into my morning routine. Because you simply cannot just stop exercising. I still go for walks in the evening with weights, so that definitely helps. The new 30-Day Ab Challenge is also helping me get back on track. In fact, I’ve already done Day 1, and so far, it’s going really well! Then again, I only had to do 5 crunches…and those leg raises take a while because you have to go slow to work those muscles! In fact, July is going to be THAT MONTH that gets me into tip-top college kid shape. Whatever that means.

ALSO special note! My awesome brother fixed my computer today and I can download stuff now! Google Chrome is back, File Explorer works, and I’m pretty sure I can do video chats now! Gosh, I’m so excited! Technology isn’t so bad after all!

Do any of you have that Sleep vs. Exercise battle? Prefer one to the other? Any computer troubles (that my brother maybe can fix?)


2 thoughts on “The Daily Battle: Sleep vs. Exercise

  1. I feel your pain! Getting up early is hard. I would advise finding a workout you enjoy that makes getting up easy. 🙂

    Emily @ EmilyFitnessBlog

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