The Famous 30-Day Ab Challenge

I discovered the 30-Day Ab Challenge on Facebook. There was an event that two of my friends (who weren’t even friends) said they would attend, so it popped up on my timeline. And when I see “workout”, “challenge”, or “FREE” (most important one right there), I click on it faster than Garfield can swallow a whole lasagna.

I saved the picture (above), and messaged one of my friends from Columbia to ask if she wanted to join me. I frankly don’t remember what she responded (this was quite a few months ago), but I secretly told myself to do it so I will have washboard abs by the time Columbia’s famous swimming test comes around. So I started it…up to the first week. It’s not that it got too difficult already (although Day 30 looks pretty daunting), it was that I forgot. And by the time I remembered, I had already showered and gotten ready for bed, and I did not want to get all worked up before I called it a day. But then I kept forgetting; in fact, if I had kept with the 30-Day program, I would have been done with it by now quite a few times over. Oh think of the state my abs could have been!

Here’s another thing that kind of kept me back. Working your abs tones them, obviously, but it makes your muscles bigger, making your torso wider. I would like to keep my stomach area as slim as possible, but you know, that’s just me. Then again, that’s a myth I’ve heard, but if you haven’t worked out in a while, your muscles will expand in the beginning. I have been avoiding ab exercises and instead have constricted my abs every time I work out, or even when I’m not doing much and just sitting around. That has helped me get some definition, so that may be something everyone can look into. Obviously, working out your abs all the time isn’t going to give you defined abs if you have flab on top. Make sure you watch your diet, because 70% of weight loss is based on diet.

Well, now that I’ve decided to test the “abs make your stomach wider” myth, I plan on following the 30-Day Ab Challenge, starting tomorrow. We should be done before the end of July!

Check out this awesome page on a fellow blogger’s site for info on how to do the moves.

Who’s with me? Anyone else heard of that myth? Anyone really for killer abs?


8 thoughts on “The Famous 30-Day Ab Challenge

  1. Thanks for this! I’ll definitely have to try it out. My torso has suffered a significant gain of flab in the last eight months or so (thanks to constantly going out to eat on dates). I’ve still got two months before college starts and I’m dying for something to do, and although the last few days of this challenge look a bit terrifying (I’m awful at sit ups), I’m eager to try it out! I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a few questions though?
    1) Did you find a way to slim down the bulked up muscle?
    2) I don’t know if you have any experience with this, but do you have any advice for exercising with injuries and/or health conditions that could make it difficult? I have weak joints and a skin condition that causes me to turn beet red and burst into hives every time I sweat, and I suspect I might have asthma as I can only jog for about a minute before I start wheezing (this might just the result of putting off serious running for a year though, because last summer I could run for much longer without problem).
    Thank you! (:

    • First off, you know you’re ready for college when you’re still up past midnight (as apparently both of us enjoy doing). I’m so excited that you’ll be joining me with this challenge! I just finished Day 23, and let me tell you, my abs have not bulked at all. As females, we don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up, so I’m not experiencing bulk with the 30-Day Arms Challenge either. If anything, my abs are more defined than they’ve ever been; I definitely trust this workout! As for your second question, I don’t have much expertise in that field, but I believe working your abs is safe for your joints. Just take it slow and don’t feel bad if you have to complete the workout in sections. For example, if one day calls for 58 leg raises, do five at a time and rest for a second before continuing. I don’t have much advice for your skin condition but to go get it checked out! Of course, as I figured out, you won’t see results until you do your cardio, so try jogging again! Maybe you don’t have asthma after all! I look forward to seeing your blog grow! Let me know if you have any more questions (about anything!)

      • Yes, I am definitely ready for college haha! Thank you very much for all your advice. I’m very happy I was able to find a friendly blogger who matched my interests well. I will definitely be keeping up with your posts!

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