Presenting: The Best Arm Workout

If you do this arm workout enough, maybe you'll get guns like Arnold Schwarzenegger's!

If you do this arm workout enough, maybe you’ll get guns like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s!

Well, before I get to the point of this post, let’s talk about Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, shall we? He’s one of those people who has done just about everything, from bodybuilding to governing to acting. I suppose if you got the looks, you can pretty much do whatever you want. But actually, I bet it was his name; someone with the awesome last name of “Schwarzenegger” is definitely impressive. He does have a son about my age so there is hope after all…

Anyway, arm workouts are important for not only defining your muscles but also giving you strength. You’ll need arm strength to carry the groceries from the car, pick up the laundry basket, or rearrange the furniture in your room. Or, if you are a guy, you could be the teacher’s pet by carrying textbooks back into their boxes at the end of the year and impress the girls with how many textbooks you can carry at once! If you start training young, you’ll see the benefits when you grow older. Don’t worry if you’re past your teenage years though, you can start working your arms at any age and still feel the difference!

I’ve been looking around for the best arm workout that will melt the flab on the arms, known as “bingo wings” in Zits. One great move that also works the whole body is your gym-class favorite: jumping jacks. I used to do 100 to 200 of those every day, and while it does help, it gets a little boring and can give you cramps. How about a different move that’s challenging and effective?

Enter the Triangle Push-Up.

If you hate push-ups, well I’m sorry, but you’re missing out. These are simple but wonderful because you are using your own body as a weight, just like any other push-up. This time though, your balance is focused on one small triangle, making it harder on your arms but also a better workout. Another plus is that it tones your abs, which is important for a strong core and a killer body at the beach.

Here’s the instructions on how to do these awesome push-ups that really burn. Lie face down on the floor. Put your hands next to each other under your chest. Make a triangle with your hands (see, geometry class really is useful!). Push up with your arms, making sure your whole body except for your hands and your toes comes off the floor. Slowly lower back to the ground. Repeat. Try doing three sets of ten, resting about ten seconds between each set. Work your way up by tens until you reach your goal, whether it be 50, 100, or 200. Don’t expect yourself to do 50 off the bat, unless you’re a bodybuilder like Arnold Schwarzenegger was!


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