The Ultimate Workout

This guy does the ultimate workout - you can tell!

This guy does The Ultimate Workout – you can tell!

Whenever I feel a little heavy or just want to burn a few extra calories, I go to this trusty Ultimate Workout. The thing is, it wasn’t always THE Ultimate Workout; I had another routine to do the job. That’s what an Ultimate Workout is: a workout you always do whenever you want to, well, work out.

Every person has his or her own Ultimate Workout. It is something you can do whenever and wherever you want, meaning it does not require any equipment but your own body. When you decide on your Ultimate Workout, make sure it is something you enjoy doing, something that challenges you but makes you feel more fit after. It’s not a permanent workout though; you can always change it later, but you would have to learn a whole new routine!

This is currently my Ultimate Workout. The Insane Home Fat Loss channel on YouTube is one of my favorite because every workout is done at home. I totally support the notion that you can get fit at home; I have never owned a gym membership (unless it’s free, I’m always up for free stuff!). Of course, there are some things you’ll need for more interesting workouts such as dumbbells, towels, and paper plates (yes, you can work out with paper plates). Anyway, check out this great Ultimate Workout!

It works out your whole body so well! Try to keep up with the trainers, and then work your way up to completing four rounds…it’s really harder than you think! I’ve only done all four with minimal break in between once, but I had to work up to it (do one round for a week, then two, then three). Also, when I do my five touches to the floor, I alternate which hand goes down first to keep track of which rep I’m on. For example, every odd rep is right hand first, and every even rep is left hand first.

Don’t push yourself too hard if you haven’t worked out in a while. It is nothing to be ashamed of if you can’t even do one round. Remember to do a little each day, and soon, you’ll be cranking this Ultimate Workout during the commercials on TV!

If this Ultimate Workout is not for you, don’t worry, just keep looking out for one that fits you best!


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