Technology Hates Me

Basically every day with my laptop.

Basically every day with my laptop.

Yesterday, my friends who are also first years at Columbia wanted to have a video chat. First of all, let me describe my awesome friends. I met them during Columbia’s Perspectives on Diversity event for accepted students (it’s this event that tries to draw in as many students as they can so obviously, it was really fun). I have only seen them for three days, but we have kept in touch and are so close now, I feel like I’ve known them for years. I love them so much and am so excited to live near them for the next four years!

So at 9 pm EST yesterday, we all got on Google Hangout. Well, we all tried to get on Google Hangout. You see, my laptop is this strange demon disguised as an innocent child. It’s an HP Pavilion Sleekbook that I got for Christmas last year, and for the first year, it worked really well. It’s really quiet and light, and the only drawback is it doesn’t have a CD player. Then one day, my file explorer shortcut couldn’t open anymore. I was understandably distraught because EVERYTHING is in file explorer. All my college essays, class projects, pictures, etc. I figured out that I had to click on “This PC” first and then go to my files, otherwise my computer would freeze. So life continued on and I liked my laptop again.

Until one day, Google Chrome decided not to work anymore. Whenever I clicked on it, it would have this frowny face that says “cannot connect to server” or something like that. I was disappointed, but I have Internet Explorer so it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t really use Google Chrome that much anyway, only when I thought it would think faster than Internet Explorer. Around the same day, my Norton Internet Security disappeared. It was not even close to the expiration date (or whenever I have to renew it. I don’t know what that’s called). It’s sad because I had to pay for that but it wasn’t too bad because the Norton Internet Security always said I was in risk but it wouldn’t let me scan my computer. So at least I didn’t have to see the little red “x” mark anymore. I also have Windows Security, which I thought would be good enough.

And then one day, my computer decided not to download anything anymore. I can download documents and pictures, I just can’t download programs. That was really annoying. There are a lot of awesome programs that I’d like and sometimes need, as I’ll discuss later.

This all came up to the most awful thing that ever happened. Windows constantly does all these automatic updates, which I’m fine with as long as they don’t take too long. The latest update was just like any other, but when I turned my computer on the next day, Internet Explorer couldn’t open. That was the dumbest thing that ever happened in my life. I suddenly realized how useless my laptop was without internet. It was extremely frustrating. Fortunately, my dad knew just enough computer science to help me set up a system restore, which got me super excited because I thought it would erase all my problems. To my dismay, I only had two options of restoration because they’re based on your latest downloads (and we all know my problem with downloads). So I could only restore it back to the time I had internet but nothing else.

Overall, this little laptop does it’s basic job. I can access the internet, get my files (indirectly), and write documents. Those are all I really need a laptop for anyway. Of course, it’s super annoying that I can’t download anything. It was extremely tedious when I was trying to join the video call with my friends. I used Google Hangout before on this laptop, but that was before it started breaking down. This time, I couldn’t join because I couldn’t access the network. We then tried Facebook video calling but I had to download the video call, and we all know my issue with downloads. Then we tried Skype, which is already downloaded to my laptop, but I couldn’t sign in because I couldn’t connect to the “Skype wifi”, whatever that is. We wasted an hour trying to figure it out until I remembered my mom had a laptop so I used hers instead. It was finally all fun and games until her laptop suddenly went black and shut off by itself. My friend said that “obviously, you just kill technology”. Well actually, it’s starting to kill me.

My friends suggested I do this to my laptop.

It’s definitely an option. Or I could just get a new laptop.

Any suggestions on how I can fix my laptop without getting a new one? Anyone else have technology problems?

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